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British Heirlooms Clydesdale Horse

British Heirlooms Clydesdale Horse

British Heirlooms Clydesdale Horse



Printed cotton cushion with luxury feather filling.

600x600mm square cushion printed on 310gsm cotton panama fabric with a 1150gsm luxury feather-filled pad. Designed in Scotland and made in the UK.

The Clydesdale Horse was designed in 1883 as the ultimate industrial and agricultural power plant by a Glasgow-based consortium who combined English, Belgian and Scottish equine genes. Between 1884 and 1945 over 20,000 Clydesdales were exported to North and South America, Russia, Italy and Australia where they revolutionised agriculture by providing horsepower to cultivate the British Empire and the draft power for its cities, towns and industries. My pattern also includes a Scottish carnivorous plant, the Butterwort, which looks a bit like a landlocked starfish, and it eats flies and midges!